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Reem has enjoyed since its establishment in 1995 a continuous growth in sales due to quality of products and intricate designs.

Reem today occupies the leader's position in sales of household products on the home front in addition to having its products sold in more than /20/ countries around the world. This has been possible due to Reem's having all components of the plastics manufacturing process on the same site and under  its direct control  from product design, component design,  mould manufacturing, to plastic production.

The proximity between design, mould manufacturing and plastic production provides for dreams to gel into ideas and to flow uninterrupted all the way down to the final article.

Hundreds of products show the same high standard of quality and design.
Additionally ،Customers can rest assured that whether on health or on safety, Reem products are built in accordance with the highest standards.

The same attention to details is given to outside businesses choosing Reem to provide them with tailor made articles of their choice. The customers will not have responsibility beyond stating their requirements and approving the design made by Reem for them .

No wonder that Reem products and services once acquired are always required.

Hisham Yafi


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